As part of the tmconnect platform, our new Consumer Portal enables visibility on both sides, offering a connected property community of law firms, agents and lenders. Intelligent automation provides an enhanced customer experience, allowing you to build confidence and improve communication during the property transaction.

The Consumer Portal connects clients with all parties in the property transaction, making it clearer to see where they are in the process with instant access to documents, searches, milestones, payment gateways and post completion.
With margins already stretched, technology that talks to your existing systems is available, but often cost prohibitive and a major consideration for your IT team. Our low cost integration options make it a more accessible option in line with your budget management.
We understand your business and the market challenges. Our innovative solutions enable a simplified and automated process delivery that aims to improve the experience for everyone in the property chain. Our team are on hand to guide you through and get you up to speed as quickly as possible.
Communication is a confidence driver in the market. Combined with transparency and improved data driven accuracy on both sides of the transaction, this could be a gamechanger for your clients.

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