Because You're Worth It

Conveyancing CPD | 22nd & 23rd June | Birmingham & Bristol

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“Because You’re Worth It” is a unique CPD programme for senior conveyancers & partners who want to learn how to harness the potential of their firms.

With 5 interactive sessions from a range of expert industry speakers, those attending will gain a real insight into how you can understand your firm's unique strengths and then work systematically to communicate them better with your clients and change legacy processes for the better.

Our first two events are in Birmingham and Bristol in June, with more to follow later on in the year. Book your place today!


Delivered by a range of industry expert speakers, each session is designed to help you analyse your firm from the ground up before rebuilding your approach to marketing so you can harness the potential that lies within.

Know your worth

Do you know your firm’s strengths & weaknesses? What are your USPs? What do consumers want from their conveyancers? Includes results of the latest Home Moving Trends survey.

Train your staff to believe it

So you know what your firm excels at – but do your staff? What common cause do you unite behind?

Know your market

The ever-shifting property sector contains a number of challenges and, with the onset of ABSs in recent years, competitors now come in all shapes and sizes. Do you know your market?

Educating your customers

An estate agent’s role in a property transaction is generally well known among consumers but the role of a conveyancer is often somewhat mysterious to the inexperienced. Learn how to communicate your worth.

Know your price

In a recent consumer survey, just 1 in 10 home movers chose the conveyancer that quoted the cheapest fees. Learn where to pitch your business to make the most of your value.

Attending a session


This CPD programme is designed for time-poor senior property solicitors who want to learn how to make their firms excel.


Those attending will be eligible for 5 CPD hours.


It is entirely free to attend. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


9.30am - 3.30pm


Birmingham - Wednesday 22nd June

Bristol - Thursday 23rd June