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We will explore a range of factors, from consumer need to economic forecasts, likely to impact residential housing supply and demand throughout 2021, and beyond

Our Panel includes;

Esther Dijkstra, Managing Director, Intermediaries for Lloyds Banking Group
Grainne Gilmore Head of Research at Zoopla
Simon Jackson Managing Director of SDL Surveying and CEO of MSS
Emma Vigus, Managing Director of mio (HOST)

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MARCH 2021

Transaction & data in the Proeprty Market

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The hidden iceberg of the property transaction
This is the first session in our climate change and property market series. Joined by Terrafirma we discuss the impact of subsidence on property market
  • Subsidence Claims not just the hazard itself: Why do claims occur, what are the different types of claims, what is the claims process, how does it affect property value and marketability?
  • How do lenders view claims and how might it impact a purchase process/conveyancing?
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Coastal Hazards
Is there still a market by the sea?
This is our second session in our climate change and the property market series.

Joined by Terrafirma and Letchers Solicitors we look at the impact of purchasing properties that are effected by coastal hazards and the implications with insurance

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Mining our way to a Greener Future 27.01.2021  
This is our third session in our climate change and the property market series.

We are joined by Tom Backhouse, Kate Charrington and Megan Jenkins who are discussing addressing the elephant in the room and discussing;

  • How can we make the property market environmentally sustainable?
  • The disconnect between climate change and the property market is increasing, so how can we educate and inform? who is responsible?
  • ​​​​To become environmentally sustainable we need metals and minerals, where are we going to get the from? how are we going to extract them?
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The Property Panel 28.01.2021  
What will the market look like in 2021?

Yanthe Richardson Greg Cunnington Perry Power Joe Arnold and Jon Horton return to our screens to discuss the 2021 outlook
Some questions we asked;

  • What is your view on vendors buying searches up front to save time & either selling/sharing them with the buyers lawyer?
  • What effect has the increasing supply of leasehold flats coming to market had on prices vs demand as homeowners look to move upmarket and gain more green space and exit city living in some cases?
  • What impact has stamp duty had on valuations – artificial short-term growth or sustainable growth?
  • ​​​​Has the length of completing a sale made it hard to get comparable figures from recent sales?
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